From a long time fascination with wood and with mechanical things came a career and also a hobby that has grown into something more. The engineering career is a pleasurable past history. The hobby has grown into a present of making pleasing as well as useful wood objects but also more good friends and fellowship. The pleasure of exploring new timbers is only matched by making new acquaintances that blossom into friendships.


This website is our way of sharing our pleasure with wood items, some as functional pieces, some for fun and some just purely decorative. The nice part of this endeavor is that God did the hard part. We just have to discover what marvels are covered up by the bark. One example is the “feathering” that occurs at the junction of a limb with the main trunk of the tree. The engineer gets pleasure from understanding how this “feathering” ties the limb to the tree and prevents it from cracking and falling off.


You will find pages with tools such as tapestry bobbins for the small but vibrant group of individuals who keep this ancient art alive and moving with modern themes and subjects.

There are also items to make life a bit more organized such as Earring organizers.

There are items that utilize the strength as well as the beauty of the wood and some with no other purpose than to reveal the beauty contained under the protective bark. and what can be done with this wonderful material.